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Social media marketing is a great way to get exposure and connect with your customers. Talking to your customers directly is a great way to get them to know, like and trust you – which is ultimately the best way to make a sale, and maybe even a brand advocate. This is the way to help you grow your relationship with your customers fastest. Allexa Digital facilitates growth on Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. Allexa Digital also provides Social Media Management, Social Media Audit. Allexa Digital believes in results; hence Allexa Digital also provides with analytics of Social Media platforms to help customers to understand results and understand where it can be optimized.


Content marketing is the ultimate type of digital marketing – because it includes all the best stuff, working in harmony. It mixes great content on your website, SEO, PR and Social Media Marketing in tandem. Using all the methods together can make your business a serious success. Content marketing is a method of digital marketing that uses good content that your customers want to read to encourage new sales and leads online. It can be content anywhere – from YouTube to a podcast, tweets to info graphs – but most often it’s blog content on your website, driving new traffic through search engines like SEO

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Influencers on social media are people who have built a reputation for their knowledge, expertise and charisma on a particular topic. They are highly active on social media and they regularly post about their various collaborations. With the increasing use of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, influencers have become the most effective marketing tool to reach out to customers.


Along with social media building and management, Allexa Digital also provides Social Media Ads, the target audience for the ads will range from being very specific to generic depending on the brand’s need. Social media ads help in reaching a wider scope of audience, helping in building brand awareness.

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From design-led static websites to full CMS, we help you design the best website for your business/profession, start-ups, etc. Our Website Design and Development services are guided towards understanding the requirements of your business, matching with your vision, and creating stunning UI/UX interfaces, application interfaces, and SEO for your website to create an impression on the internet as well as maintain sustainable traffic.


Most of the digital marketing techniques are used to get traction to the website. The conversion rates, number of people visiting the websites, the clicks leading to the website, etc. can be tracked using website analytics. At Allexa Digital, we provide Digital Marketing Services which  includes Website Analytics by providing Website tracking, Social Media Analytics, E-commerce tracking and much more

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Along with marketing E-commerce websites, Allexa Digital provides marketing on major E-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. This is primarily for E-commerce startups, who want to affiliate with bigger platforms. Allexa Digital provides a higher ranking on E-commerce search results using organic and inorganic methods


When a brand is facing, negative feedback from its customers or criticism in any other way and the brand wants to fix it or bring a wave of positive comments they incline to this method. Allexa Digital facilitates Reputation Management using techniques like Reputation Management on Search, Reputation Management on Social Media, Online Brand Monitoring and much more

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SEO is a type of marketing where the main goal is to get your rank higher up in Google searches. There are many ways to get your ranking up in search engines, mainly organic (unpaid) and inorganic (paid). SEO is an Organic Method. At allexadigital, We Provide Digital Marketing Services which uses techniques like Content Marketing and SEO rich words on the website to get you the ranking you desire. Allexa Digital also provides SEO analysis & audit, Video SEO, SEO for e-commerce and much more


When people refer to Pay Per Click advertising or SEM they refer to the paid methods of getting your ranking higher on Search Engines, they are likely talking about the ‘sponsored’ links you often see in Google searches; however, they may also be referring to ads in other search engines too, like Yahoo or Bing. It is one of the only types of digital marketing that is completely short term – when you stop paying, the ad ceases to exist. They’ll usually have a note somewhere to let you know they are sponsored. It can also be picture ads featuring on other websites.

Along with SEM and PPC, Allexa Digital also provides PPC Management and Remarketing.

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Brand Establishment Campaigns are for brands who want to reach an audience on a larger scale. It’s for brands who want to build their fan base from scratch or from a level aiming to reach a higher fan base. This usually involves building the brand, starting campaigns that build awareness and concentrating on a specific target audience. Allexa Digital facilitates Brand Establishment using any or all services mentioned below